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serv·ice-s (sur-vis-is) noun
the performance of any duties or work for another; helpful or professional activity

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One of the most import aspect of all business is the effective way to communicate. RBIT Consulting with its expertise and experience, and the ability to call on vendor partnerships, is able to provide you with the most appropriate robust, scalable and cost effective communication solution for your business.

RBIT Consulting can provide Communication Solutions in the following areas:

B2B Integration
Host Connectivity to Mainframe/Mid Range Systems and disparate systems

Messaging and Collaboration
Microsoft Sharepoint, Microsoft Exchange (including Outlook personalised forms) and Lotus Notes

Remote Access
Microsoft Terminal Services, RADIUS and TACAS Servers, Remote Control solutions, Remote Access via the Internet with encryption software/hardware

Document Management and Storage Electronically scan paper documents, faxes and custom forms and convert to electronic file formats, extract data from forms and store in Databases, archive information to tape or other removable media formats

Voice Over IP (VOIP) and Data Integration
Single or Pabx VOIP Integration, Secure VOIP connections, Data integration such as video streaming, conferencing and interoffice communications using exisiting internet technologies .