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infrastructure (in-fruh-struhk-cher) noun
the basic, underlying framework or features of a system or organization

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IT Infrastructure

RBIT Consulting has demonstrated the expertise and experience to analyse, design and implement professional tailored IT Infrastructure solutions for all types of businesses.

These solutions consists of:

RBIT Consulting Engineers are qualified in all areas of Electrical and Network cabling including CAT 5/5e/6, Fibre, Patch Panel configurations, Computer Room Electrical Requirements.

UPS (Uniterruptable Power Supplies)
Wiring and configuration of standalone UPS systems, to full Diesel Generators solutions.

Wireless Communications
Configuration of simple PC Wireless connections to multi wireless hardware and applications for industries such as warehouse, distribution, retail, hotels to name a few.

Pabx Installations
Digital and Analogue PABX installations for VOIP and data communications

Computer Room Planning
Analysis, planning and implementation of the computer room logistics including the cableing, UPS, power requirments, air conditioning, rack placements, etc.

Equipment and Office Relocations
Project management and implementation of all Equipment and Office relocations.