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internet (in-ter-net) noun
a vast computer network linking smaller computer networks worldwide

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Internet Services

Where can you be today without the Internet? For most businesses, you need atleast a high speed connection, a web page, possibly interoffice communications are required and before you know it, the costs of your Internet Communications is far greater than your IT budget. RBIT Consulting offers solutions for all your Internet needs without the high cost of ownership.

RBIT Consulting can provide Interent Services solutions in the following areas:

Interent Connections
Working with major players in the Internet communications arena, we can tailor your internet connection with a range of services including dialup, ADSL/ADSL2+, ISDN, Frame relay and satellite links.

Web and Email Hosting
Through our Data Centre, we can host all you web needs including Web Sites, Web Applications and host your emails securely including virus and spam filtration.

Interoffice Connectivity
VPN (Virtual Private Network) interoffice connections offer a secure way to protect your business. VPN connections can be configured via software or hardware devices. VPN connections also allow staff to securely connect to the office servers from anywhere in the world.Point to Point ISDN and Frame Relay links can also be configured for Interoffice communications

Ecommerce solutions for your payment gateways, online shops