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License (lahy-suhns) noun
Official or legal permission to do or own a specified thing

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Being unaware of what software is installed and being used within your organization can result in multiple layers of exposure, both fiscally and from the standpoint of overall network security and control. Understanding the correlation between license agreements and installed software is critical, as is the knowledge of unauthorized programs, which can open up vulnerable security issues across an entire network.

Manually completing internal software audits for compliance is difficult and time consuming for a variety of reasons, including changing vendor policies that can be confusing and complex, a disconnect between procurement and the IT department that leads to inappropriate use, or the presence of unauthorized software.

Vendor software audits can be costly in time and resource, and software misuse can result in litigation and substantial fines for copyright infringement. License compliance can just as easily save money, with the reallocation of unused software or the renegotiation of contracts. Knowledge of what software is installed and who is using it also helps to address software lifecycle management and migration issues, more effectively perform patch management for maximum security, as well as address the need for proof of compliance through comprehensive reporting.

Licensing Audits
RBIT Consulting has all the necessary tools to do full software audits and to provide valueable reports.

Licensing Management
Management of all software licensing. This ensures that you are not only compliant, but you are getting the best deal for the volume of licenses needed in the organisation.