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serv·ice-s (sur-vis-is) noun
the performance of any duties or work for another; helpful or professional activity

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Professional Services

RBIT Consulting offers a complete range of Professional Services covering the areas of Internet Connections, Communications, IT Infrastructure, IT Services, Licensing, Security and Storage. RBIT Consulting has the ability to work as your outsourced IT department, or work in harmony with your internal IT department making RBIT Consulting your flexible IT partner.

In today's IT world, it is usually very hard to justify IT infrastructure costs and resourcing. RBIT Consulting is your technology partner, genuinely focused on the needs of your organisation's IT solutions and services. RBIT Consulting offers a Data Centre environment giving the ability for your organisation to use high end equipment, without the costs and overheads associated with it.

Outsourcing Services include

Application Development
Data Centre Hosting
Facilities Management
Help Desk Support
IT Management
Network Administration
Planning and Project Management
Systems Maintenance

Pre Installation Services include

Installation and Configuration - Pre-delivery and Onsite
Onsite or Remote Applications Support
Onsite or Remote Network Support
Hardware Upgrades
Software Upgrades
Data Migration

All services provided by RBIT Consulting are monitored through a Helpdesk system. The Helpdesk system ensures that the right skill set is applied to efficiently resolve support incidents. The system also provides valuable feedback to the client by way of email, SMS and reports. Support calls can be logged via Phone, Email, Fax or through the Client Logon Web Interface.

RBIT Consulting engineers have the ability to provide support by telephone, e-mail, remote access to your system and on site.

Support Contracts

RBIT Consulting offers support contracts guaranteeing a minimum level of support each month. This includes system health checks, problem resolution and pro-active support designed to reduce downtime. Support Contracts are tailered to the client's needs and can range in several levels of response times. The divsions for the response times range from an Emergency (0-2 hours), Urgent (2-4 hours) and standard (4-8 hours) and are costed accordingly.

General Support

RBIT Consulting offers general support, adding extra skills to a client's in-house skills. This level of support includes all support covered by Support Contracts but you are only billed on an hourly basis.

Support Service Coverage

General Support Services are available from 7:00am to 10:00pm Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm Weekends (AEST). Clients with Support Contracts, the hours will be agreed upon at time of signing. Arrangements can be made for individual clientsto the standard hours.

Support Charges

Charges for support are determined on a case by case basis with respect to General Support and Contract Support. RBIT Consulting will gladly offer you a better solution to your current costs of support.