Your business is unique, with its own set of processes, organisational structures and goals. Commercial, off-the-shelf software very rarely fits with your business ideologies, leading to productivity and efficiency issues.

RBIT offers a complete range of Professional Development Services to create software that fits your requirements. Custom Software, in an increasingly technological world, is designed for efficiency, functional and scaleable. RBIT understands the need for affordable solutions for business.

Desktop Applications

Desktop applications can be platform specific or cross platform services Desktop applications allow for a fully customised software for your business where the software needs to be flexible for it user base and not a “one size fits all” scenario you get with a SaaS (Software as a service) in the Cloud. Sure, there are advantages of Cloud based applications so they are “always online” but what if all your users cant get to the internet to access the software?

A properly developed desktop application can be accessed from anywhere, just like a web application. And, since it was locally based and housed within the customer’s own environment, layers of customization can be added that you just cant get from a web-based solution.

Some advantages of a Desktop Application include no annual or monthly software subscription fees, no reliance on Internet or Internet speed from your office, and greater control/ownership of your data associated with the Application.

Web Applications/Development

Businesses all over the world are making the move toward web and cloud-based systems for their daily operations. Web applications are agile, scaleable and accessible from anywhere, as well as more secure against loss of files that is unfortunately all too common when hosting data locally.

Web applications are developed using the latest technologies that fit your requirements and objectives. Our unique approach means that we work together with you to understand exactly what you need, and select the tools that fit the job. We also offer advice and insights from countless years’ worth of experience in the development of successful Websites, Web Applications, Enterprise Web solutions and Cloud SaaS solutions for a wide variety of businesses.

Whether it is just a website you need, a new web application developed from the ground up or to interface into your existing data or any cloud web appliction, RBIT has the know how to develop and manage the application, from the initial planning stage right through to the final product and beyond as well as support any existing applications you might have.

Database Development

More than anything else, arguably the most vital step of database design is planning – figuring out your needs as the first step ensures that your business database has all the features you require, as well as being flexible enough to grow with your business. With the amount of data that is required to be sotred these days, and every increasing, it is paramount to get the solution right. RBIT have several Database Architects that can work out all your needs, model your future growth, the cost of the solution and determine the right hardware (whether it be on-prem or in the Azure, AWS or Google clouds) and the right software (whether it be MS SQL, Oracle, Progress or even free database software including but not limited to MySQL, MongoDB and MariaDB).

RBIT, not only can architect a solution but provide the expertise to install, configure, program against and support any chosen solution whether it be on-prem or cloud based.

RBIT also has the expertise in create reporting interfaces for your data with products such as Microsoft PowerBI and Grafana to name a few, and also the ability to create reports with products such as Crystal Reports.

IoT Development

IoT (Internet of Things) describes the connection of everyday electronic products or machines to the Internet. IoT devices are the nonstandard computing devices that connect wirelessly to a network and have the ability to transmit data, receive data and carry out controlled tasks. These connected devices form part of an ecosystem in which every device talks to other related devices in an environment to automate home and industry tasks. IoT devices can be as simple as a Temperature Sensor, to controlling machinery, home automation and other electrical devices. Such IoT devices include (but not limited to) smart TVs, smart speakers, toys, wearables, smart appliances, smart air conditioning, smart thermostats, smart lighting and smart security. In 2020, it is estimated there are 24 billion smart devices.

Of course, with all this comes security risks and hackable devices if not done right. At RBIT, we follow compliance guidelines and requirements for all industries and when we program your IoT requirements, we use the latest tools and implement secure communications between all your devices.

RBIT IoT development technologies include Firmware and embedded software, Encrytion and processing algorithms, Hardware interfaces and communication buses, Programmable FPGAs, including devices like Arduino, Esp32 and NodeNCU to name a few, wireless communication and Real-Time operation systems. RBIT is also at the fore-front of Home/Office Automation from installation and programming of devices, to programming Home Automation software, automation scripts, and reporting funtionality.

Mobile Development

Mobile Apps are a part of everyday life. Maybe you think developing and having an app is too expensive or an unnecessary investment, however RBIT can tailor a mobile app to suit your needs, whether it is an in-house propriety app to interface into your existing on-prem or cloud application/data or to engage with and build your customer base in real time.

If you have customers you sell to, then mobile apps are the perfect way to stay connected with those customers and provide them with a sense of security with secure payment portals and user-friendly functions. A mobile app makes interaction with your customers easier and less time consuming for your customers and business. It also gives them 24 hour access to purchase online

Mobile Apps are not just for business that sell to customers. A properly designed app can provide better work experiences for its employees and increase production.

RBIT develops either Native mobile apps (IOS or Android specific) or Cross-platform applictions (one app for multiple devices) using the latest industry standard toolkits such as Xamarin, React Native and Flutter, all with strong support, speed and efficiency.

Major Projects

Loyalty Points Rewards System

A full featured program developed exclusively by RBIT Consulting that integrates into MYOB Retail Manager and Microsoft RMS Shop fronts to provide a Loyalty Points system. Features include Customer Points accumulation, automatic printing of voucher dockets based on the number of points, Bonus Points, Product special points, and has Head Office software to control customer points across multiple stores. Please sue the Contact Us form for more information and pricing.

Brot N Torte

Architect and commission online ordering using nopCommerce Software for Brot N Torte. This involved many hours of customised configuration to meet Brot n Torte's strict ordering processes for it's customer base.

Smoke Alert Systems

Software developed for field technicians with either an Andriod or IOS tablet. Data is synchronised between a main database system and the tablet allowing the field Technician to receive jobs, what parts are required for the jobs, GPS information such as location of job. The technician if replacing equipment, can update serial number and warranty information directly for the lcoation.

Siemens Memcor

Control Software design and implementation for various manufacturing machines.

Cronulla Seagulls Football Club

Program and maintain Cronulla Seagulls Website. Fully database integrated and programmed in ASP.NET.


Development of Crystal Report Interface and 100's of Crystal Reports for reporting to the government of transportation statistics and transportation ticketing information.